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All our schools and communities have something truly special to offer, you just need to figure out which community is best for you.  This guide can help. 

Guide to choosing an RMISP school and community

School Courses

All RMISP schools offer the same core academic courses like English, Math, Science and Social Studies and a great selection of course electives.  If you have a particular interest in a  specialty elective like Outdoor Education, Theatre Production, Hockey Skills, Chef Training, Aviation, Jazz Band, Drone Piloting or Japanese, check out our Course Options  to find out which schools offer these programs.

Community Size

All RMISP schools are located in safe, friendly communities, ranging in population:

  • 1500 - 2500: Fort St. James, Burns Lake
  • 2500 - 5000: Sparwood, Invermere, Golden, Vanderhoof
  • 5000 - 10000: Kimberley, Fernie, Revelstoke 
  • 20000: Cranbrook

Community Location

Most of our schools are located in the southeastern part of British Columbia, near the Alberta border. Schools in SD 91 (in Vanderhoof, Burns Lake and Fort St. James) are located close to the geographic centre of British Columbia.

  • Closest to Canadian Rockies Airport: Kimberley, Cranbrook (15 minutes)
  • Closest to Vancouver: Revelstoke (7.5 hour drive)
  • Closest to Calgary: Fernie, Invermere, Golden (3 hour drive)
  • Closest to Prince George: Vanderhoof (1 hour drive)

Skiing and Snowboarding

  • Access world-class ski resorts in 15 minutes or less: Kimberley, Fernie, Revelstoke
  • Local resorts within 30 minutes or less: Golden, Invermere, Cranbrook, Sparwood, Fort St. James

Activities in the Community

All our communities offer a wide range of activities, like golf, gymnastics, swimming, skating, cross-country skiing, curling, fitness centres and community sports teams. Some communities are particularly well known for good access to specialty activities like:

  • Mountain Biking: Golden, Burns Lake, Fernie
  • Horseback Riding: Vanderhoof
  • Indoor Rock Climbing: Kimberley, Cranbrook, Golden, Burns Lake
  • Martial Arts: Cranbrook 
  • Dance: Cranbrook, Fernie, Invermere

Please note: Some of these activities may also be available in other communities that are not listed. 

International Student Body

In all RMISP schools, international students make up a small percentage (about 6% or less) of the student body, with about 20-30 international students at one time. These communities have the smallest/largest numbers:

Fewer than 10 international students: Burns Lake, Fort St. James, Sparwood, Fernie

More than 40 international students: Cranbrook