In addition to offering a full roster of core academic and elective courses, RMISP's high schools offer many unique, special-interest courses.  Many of these courses are very popular with international students, particularly courses which maximize our amazing location in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  IMPORTANT:  not every course is available at every school and/or each semester or year.  Please consult with your agency or directly with program staff to confirm when and where specific courses are offered.  

Outdoor Education

Experience all the Canadian Rocky  Mountains have to offer in specially-designed courses in Golden, Invermere, Kimberley & Cranbrook. From cross-country skiing and rock climbing to avalanche training and first aid, these courses combine theory and practice to create a unique educational experience for international and Canadian students alike. Click here for more great photos!

Outdoor Education

Ice Hockey

All three high schools in School District No. 6 offer special programming for students who want to combine hockey training with regular coursework. These programs are very popular and enable international students to learn with and from Canadian players under the supervision of experienced teachers and coaches.

Ice Hockey

Digital Media

Digital Media 11 teaches students basic skills in illustration, digital photography, Flash animation, Web design and desktop publishing. Digital Media 12 introduces students to 3-D illustration, stop-motion animation and digital video production. These courses are amazing opportunities for international students who want to explore their creative potential using industry-standard software programs and design tools. Available at Golden Secondary School only.

Chef Training

Learn to cook in the classroom and then practice in local restaurants in the Windermere area. This is a great course for international students who like food and enjoy learning and working as part of a team. This course follows the provincial Cook Training curriculum; the equivalent of which is Cook Level One at colleges in the province. Learn about nutrition, artistic food presentation and the social issues surrounding food and food security. This amazing course is only offered at David Thompson Secondary School in Invermere.
Chef Training

Strength and Conditioning

This course is offered in Golden and Cranbrook to students in grades 10 - 12. Students train year-round to improve their physique and fitness levels with the use of free weights and machines. The routines are geared towards bodybuilding with some opportunities to incorporate cardiovascular fitness as well. Instruction is given for all areas of the body including suggestions for nutrition. Students write in a daily log book that is kept in the class.


Superfit is a great way to start your day. Available in Kimberley, Cranbrook, and Revelstoke, it is a course scheduled outside the regular timetable for students wanting to learn and benefit from modern strength and conditioning principles including weight training technique, agility, balance training, nutrition, energy system usage and their application towards a self-designed program suited to their specific needs. If you enjoy working out and exercise, Superfit is the course for you!




Jewelry Making