Medical Insurance for International Students in RMISP

All students will be enrolled in private medical insurance by RMISP for the duration of their study period: StudyInsured™ Comprehensive+ Plan 

  • Students who study for one semester (5 months or less) will be covered only by StudyInsured™ private medical insurance for the duration of their study period.
  • Students who study for 10 months and have a study permit are eligible for BC’s Medical Service Plan (MSP) after 3 months. They will also remain enrolled with StudyInsured™ for the duration of their study period, as it provides extra coverage and medical services.

All students are coverd by the StudyInsured™ Comprehensive+ Plan for the duration of their stay. Insurance information/wallet cards will be delivered by email to students and agents.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Pre-existing conditions and certain high risk activities are not covered by private insurance. Additionally, serious illnesses and injuries MUST be reported to StudyInsured™ Assistance within 48-hours, otherwise the eligible benefits may only be paid to 80%. Call 1.866.883.9787 for instances of:

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery of any kind (including dental)
  • MRI/CT or other major diagnostic (pre-approval unless delivered on an urgent basis)
  • Emergency care outside of Canada

More information about the Comprehensive+ Plan and the StudyInsured™ processes for getting medical care and submitting a claim can be found here:

Students who are eligible for BC's Medical Service Plan (MSP)  will be enrolled by the RMISP team and an MSP health card will be available approximately three months after students' arrival. More information on MSP coverage can be found here: