Where is the Rocky Mountain International Student Program located?

RMISP schools (marked with a maple leaf on the map) are located in safe and friendly communities in the southeastern part of British Columbia, near the Alberta border.

Our region of British Columbia is known for its natural beauty and landscapes and abundant recreational activities in all four seasons (golfing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, skating, skiing, ice fishing and much more).

International students make up less than 5% of the population at our schools.

What makes RMISP special?

RMISP has an amazing team of caring homestay coordinators who meet with students every week and lead fun monthly activities in school, such as pumpkin carving, cookie decorating, trivia games and pizza lunches. Our students also enjoy a full schedule of day and overnight trips included at no extra charge!  

How long is the program?

We have students coming for one semester (five months), a full school year (ten months), as well as for graduation (two to three years). Students participating in the Rocky Mountain International Student Program can stay as long as they like provided they continue to meet admission and program requirements and do not exceed 19 years of age.

When are RMISP schools open?

Our schools are open from the beginning of September until the end of June. There are breaks at Christmas (two weeks) and for Spring Break in March (two weeks).

What school will I attend?

Space permitting, students are welcome to choose their school. The International Education Admissions team will make the final placement based on your request and interests, application package and space availability at each school.

When should I arrive?

Students beginning their studies in September or in February must arrive in time for our student orientation. We have mandatory arrival and departure dates that can be found on our APPLY NOW! page. 

Who will I live with in Canada?

Students requiring homestays are placed with carefully-selected host families. All of our homestays are safe, clean, pre-screened Canadian family homes. Placements are supervised and supported by a designated Homestay Coordinator in each community. Students may also live with a parent or guardian if one accompanies them to Canada.

What can I do in my free time?

RMISP organizes a variety of activities, trips and events for international students throughout the school year. Students are also encouraged to spend time with their host family and to participate in clubs, teams and activities provided in the school and community.  View our Schools and Communities page for more information about the recreational opportunities available. 

Can I play sports at school?

There are many sports teams/clubs available at our schools, and international students are encouraged to participate.  Some competitive teams require students to try out, and earning a spot on the team is not guaranteed. Each sport has a specific season of play (ex. volleyball is played in the fall, basketball runs November to February, golf is played in spring etc.) Check our Schools and Communities page for more information, and be sure to discuss your interests with your agent.

Extra fees do apply and are not included in your international student fees. To be eligible to play on a school team, students must be in BC for a minimum of 5 months or more.  

Do I need to speak fluent English to attend school in RMISP?

Students should be prepared for an English-immersion experience and to study with Canadian peers of the same grade level. Typically an intermediate level of English is required for students to feel comfortable and successful in their classes.

Can I choose the courses I will take?

Students in grades 8-9 do not have a choice when it comes to their courses and take a mix of regular academic courses and electives.

Students in grades 10-12 should review school course handbooks and indicate their course preferences during the application process. Whenever possible, RMISP will place students in academic and elective courses according to their preferences, but course offerings are subject to change and availability of all options cannot be guaranteed. 

Are school books and supplies provided?

Textbooks are provided by your school and must be returned upon completion of each course. Students are responsible for their own supplies including pens, paper, notebooks and/or binders, gym clothes and other supplementary items as required by the teacher in each course. Student fees may be required for specialty courses.  

Will I receive a British Columbia graduation diploma?

Students who meet the provincial requirements for graduation will receive the Dogwood Diploma. This usually requires 2+ years of full-time study at the Grade 11 and 12 levels.

Can I attend a North American college or university after graduation?

Yes, provided you meet the admission criteria of the post-secondary institution to which you are applying. Good grades, strong references and a demonstrated level of English proficiency (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS score) are usually required.

Do I need to bring my own electronic devices?

Laptops: Schools have computers or laptops for you to borrow during school time, but you may want to bring your own laptop if you typically do a lot of homework on your laptop after school hours.

Cell phones: It is mandatory for RMISP students to activate and maintain a Canadian cell phone account while in the program. So, you can either bring a cell phone from your home country (and purchase a Canadian SIM card for it when you arrive), OR you can purchase a cell phone when you arrive in Canada.

Is there a minimum age for participants in your program?

Yes. Students must be a minimum of 13 years of age and in Grade 8 to participate in the Rocky Mountain International Student Program and be placed in a homestay. Younger students are welcome, but they must be accompanied by a parent and live with them full-time.

How do I apply for the program?

Detailed information on the application process is available on this website. Click here for more information.

How long does it take to receive approval of my application?

Applicants will normally be advised of their application status within two weeks of submitting a complete application.

How do I obtain a study permit?

Study permits are issued by IRCC through an online application process. If your application to study in RMISP is accepted, we will provide your agency with the required documentation to apply for your study permit.

Can I arrange my own accommodation?

Typically, all students except those living with their natural parents are enrolled in our homestay/custodianship program. You are welcome to contact us if you have a special case.

Can I travel while participating in the program?

Yes. Generally, you need program permission, and in some cases also natural parents' permission, to travel during your stay in Canada (except when travelling with the program on regular monthly trips). Adult supervision (25 years or older) is required for all overnight trips. Students are not permitted to miss any school unless accompanied by host or natural parents. 

Can I drive while participating in the program?

Students participating in the homestay program and for whom the Director of International Education is legal custodian cannot drive while participating in the Rocky Mountain International Student Program. No RMISP student is permitted to obtain a Learner's nor full Driver's license while in the program. 

Do I need medical insurance?

RMISP will arrange mandatory medical insurance coverage for all students.  The cost of this insurance is included in our program fees. Information can be found on our Insurance page.

How much does your program cost?

You can find this information on the APPLY NOW! page under Fees.

I am a Canadian citizen whose parents live abroad. Do I still pay international student fees?

You must pay the international fees if your parents are not ordinarily resident / do not regularly live in the RMISP region, even if you or your parents are Canadian citizens.