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International student designs new jerseys for Fort St. James high school soccer team

Adrian Bast's winning jersey design

An international student from Germany studying at Fort St. James Secondary School has designed the high school soccer team’s new jerseys. 

Adrian Bast is a grade 11 student and has come to Fort St. James through the Rocky Mountain International Student Program (RMISP) that places students from around the globe in B.C. communities. 

His current trip is going to last five months but Bast said he is working on extending the program because he likes it here a lot and wants to experience Spring in Canada.

Bast is a seasoned soccer player and has played the sport for 11 years. He is a coach and captain of a soccer team in Germany and has designed jerseys for his team in the past too. 

After the first game in Fort St. James, Bast decided he wanted to make jerseys for the team so he went to the principal and made a pitch. 

“After a conversation, where I showed him what the jerseys for my Germany team looked like, he agreed and asked me to tell the PE teacher, and organizer of the sports teams about the jerseys.”

Bast designed five and the team voted on the best one. The new jerseys will be available to the players by mid-November.

“I really enjoy playing soccer here in the school team,” he added.

On a different note, Bast said he likes his stay in Fort St. James because of how residents treat each other and the relationship shared between teachers and students in a small community. He said he likes that through RMISP he gets one outing together with other international students at the end of each month, and is looking forward to the second outing coming up soon. 


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