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"Very unique experience" at first NHL game

Ben with Harvey the Hound

An overnight trip to attend a National Hockey League (NHL) game was the highlight of RMISP's Included Program Activities this semester for many of the 120 students who attended.  But for Klaas, a German student currently studying in Revelstoke, the April 14th trip to see his very first NHL game proved to be a "very unique experience" in more ways than one.  

Accompanied by his friend Ben from Switzerland, Klaas found himself on center ice participating in one of the mini games designed to entertain the fans during an intermission.  The opportunity arose when a Calgary Flames representative spotted Revelstoke Homestay Coordinator, Wendy Rota, enthusiastically supporting the home team and invited her to compete in an on-ice variation of Tic-Tac-Toe for a chance to win a prize.  Wendy passed the opportunity on to Ben and Klaas, who were more willing to take the spotlight in front of the large crowd. 

On the ice, Klaas and Ben had to successfully shoot pucks into a goal in order to place their Xs and Os onto a Tic-Tac-Toe grid.  In a very close competition, Klaas successfully completed his row of three to narrowly beat out Ben. Klaas won a gift certificate for two weeks of free parking at Calgary Airport and a Calgary Flames jersey, while Ben was awarded a t-shirt for participating.  

Klaas said he had "lots of fun playing in such a large arena with lots of fans." Ben also remarked about what it was like to be the focus of attention at an NHL game:

"I felt really nervous on the ice since I knew I was being watched by 20,000 people. After the game, I texted my dad and told him what happened. We were both excited and happy."

- Ben from Switzerland

In addition to Ben and Klaas's experience on the ice, there were many special moments for our students throughout the game. The RMISP group enjoyed prime seats in the lower bowl of the Saddledome Arena to watch the home team Calgary Flames defeat the Arizona Coyotes, 6-5.  The Flames mascot, Harvey the Hound, posed for photos with several of our students. Other students spotted themselves on the Jumbo Tron, and at least six other students got their hands on free Flames t-shirts tossed into the crowd during the game.  

After the game, RMISP spent the night in Calgary. On the drive home the next day, the students and chaperones stopped in Banff for sightseeing and lunch before returning home.  

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