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My Great Canadian Experience: Cross-country race in Montana

Jette, #8066, takes off with the senior girls in a cross-country race in Whitefish, Montana.

by Jette from Germany

We left in the morning after the second block and luckily, we were able to cross the border very easily. When we arrived, there were a lot of buses from American schools in the parking lot and there were big teams on their way to the race. The race was in Montana in Whitefish on a golf course. We got spikes and jerseys from the high school in Fernie.

Ella and I started in the first race with the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade girls. The run had 5.1 kilometers and was mainly on grass, so it was very good for running. We first ran the route so that we would not have problems finding our way during the race. After that we warmed up and did some dynamic warm up exercises. Next, we were called to the start and lined up for the start. Then when the pistol was fired for the start signal, we ran. At the beginning I was with the first ones, but after that I was overtaken by several and at the end of the race I was about in the middle of the starters. Ella achieved the fifth place.

After that, the older boys made their way to the starting line. Iker was one of them. Iker had to run the same distance as me. Ella and I then cheered on the older boys. After the big boys it was the turn of the little boys and girls who had to run about three kilometers. After everyone had run, we packed up and headed back. Again, crossing the border was no problem.

Jette is a grade 11 student at Fernie Secondary School.  

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