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My Great Canadian Experience: Host Brothers

Jacob's host brother Angel playing pool at their homestay

by Jacob from Germany

My Great Canadian Experience is about me arriving in my new Host Family and playing with my international host brother Angel and my Canadian host brothers Bobby and Jonny. 

From the start, I really enjoyed playing with my little host brothers. This was especially funny, because the other exchange student in my house Angel does this with me.  My host brothers are 3 and 5 and they love to be with older people. We played some games with them like hide and seek or tag. They love when we pick them up and move them around in the air. The best part is when we throw them on a couch or on sitting bags, they love when we do that. Also, sometimes we play soccer, and it is a lot of fun because they often just score in their own goal because they forgot which team they are. 

Moreover, when I arrived, I instantly bonded with my host brother Angel. We play together with the small host brothers, we play pool in the evening or sometimes we play ping-pong. It is nice, because we are the same level, which makes it even more fun.  

At the end of February, Angel's twin, whose host parents were not in town, stayed at our house and even though all of us cannot cook we tried together and made some eggs, noodles, or pancakes. I think doing things together with my host brothers and my host parents really made the start of my exchange genuinely nice and I am looking forward to staying the next few months in my host family. 

Photo and blog post submitted by Jacob from Germany, a grade 10 student at Mount Baker Secondary School in Cranbrook.  

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