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My Great Canadian Experience: Indigenous Studies field trip

Indigenous pictograph on rocks

by Gillian from Germany

This month I went on my first field trip with my indigenous studies course. Our field trip consisted of a little hike to see pictographs from indigenous people more than hundred of years ago and a small fire afterwards.  We met up with an Metis elder who then showed us the pictographs which can be seen in the picture. He told us some interesting facts about the graphs and shared some of his amazing knowledge with us.

It was an incredible experience to see something that old which held itself for all these years and having such a big meaning. I think that I will always remember this as it was very fascinating and holds such great importance. As we were there we got to be a part of an old tradition which cleans mind and soul. That was a very intriguing moment. Afterwards we went to a river and started a little fire with just a fire striker. Then we got to try bannock as my teacher prepared dough so that everyone had the chance to make their own little bannock over the fire. For me it was the first time to try the traditional indigenous meal and it was pretty cool, as you can top it with whatever you want.

In general this day was pretty cool as it combined History with fun and we all had the chance to learn more about Canada as an indigenous country. I think that this was one of the coolest and most teachable field trips I will ever have and I will keep this knowledge and memory forever. 

Photo and blog post submitted by Gillian, a grade 10 student at Sparwood Secondary School. 

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