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My Great Canadian Experience: Memories from the year

by Martina and Lorena from Spain

In only one month our experience in Canada will become memories that we will carry with us forever. We are sad to say goodbye, however we are so thankful for everything we learnt here and for all the opportunities to live new things. Thanks to our exchange year, we met amazing people that we hope we will someday be able to see again. Even though it has been challenging from time to time, we became stronger and always supported each other when we needed it. Looking back to some of the best days we had in here we found the pictures we put all together into this collage and we realised how fast time had passed and how many adventures we had lived together.

We explored the culture and got involved into the sport spirit of the country going to see some hockey games. We started watching the local team and we eventually got the opportunity to see an exciting NHL game that we will never forget.

We went skiing during all winter and discovered together the Panomara mountain in which we also have now thousands of great memories.

We also had the chance to visit some other towns around us. We saw the amazing landscapes full of nature that are undeniably spectacular.

Now that the end of our exchange year is close, and we are almost returning home is when we realised that we have now created, on the other side of the world, what will always be our second home.

My Great Canadian Experience: 

Martina and Lorena, from Spain, attend David Thompson Secondary School in Invermere, BC. 

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