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My Great Canadian Experience: October Holidays

Out for a walk in October in Cranbrook.

by Pato from Mexico

This month was really interesting because of a lot of things. One of them is that it was my birthday, it was super good, I went with some friends to the mall in the morning and we took breakfast at Tim Hortons, after that I open some gifts in my house that some  friends and family send me, and in the night I went with other friends to see a hockey game at the Western Financial Place.

I also went to do some activities with my host family and friends, like playing disc golf, or other outdoor activities. 

School has been good, just everyone is friendly and my friendships have been good, I’m starting to meet more with them and inviting each other to our houses.

It also snowed for the first time since I’m here in Cranbrook. It was amazing, I played throwing snow balls with my friends and jumping on the trampoline with snow at my house. Since it snowed, it hasn’t snowed more, but the weather is  getting really cold, from -1 to -9 degrees. People have told me that once it starts actually snowing, it will not stop until 4 or 5 months.

Something really cool is how Canadians celebrate Halloween, it is like Christmas in Mexico. They have a lot of “pre-halloween” meetings with friends and family to celebrate it, and of course, candy can’t miss.

I’m so excited for Halloween and see all the ideas of people for costumes and activities, including trick or treating.

Blog post and photo submitted by Pato from Mexico, a grade 9 student at Laurie Middle School in Cranbrook. 

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