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My Great Canadian Experience: Rugby Game

Selkirk girls rugby team at a game in Nelson, BC

by Rosanna from Switzerland

I am in pain right now. My muscles are sore and I have a slight headache, but on the other side I am very proud/flashed/amazed/and all over happy.

Today is the Okt. 12th.2023 I had my last Rugby game for this semester, yesterday.

It all started a few weeks ago, when I decided to join the rugby team. Me and another international Girl. Our first training convinced us. We were full of joy and could hardly wait for the next practice.

Over time you collect information about the rules and the game itself. It takes time and I found out that, the more you just play the better you understand. I had a game day before. Which took place in Cranbrook. It was playing and gaining experience.

Yesterday I was able to combine all this information and experience, which equaled an incredible game.

The game took place at Nelson Lake Side.

Sounds nice, but there are also animals on a lake. In this case they were geese. And living animals that eat leave traces. We juniors were the lucky ones and were allowed to play on the sh!#y pitch. Everywhere you stepped there was goose poo.

After a few tackles we got used to it and over time this phenomenon was forgotten.

We were playing in a “Patchwork Family” we had girls from Mount Baker, Trail, Invermere and Nelson in our team. We recognized many of them from our first game day. And it was nice how quickly we got reconnected. They are all really lovely girls. All in all, I can just say; The girls did an awesome job and the feeling after the game is just indescribable. Such an amazing game so many friendly people and a supporting team/coaches.

But guys…. It’s Rugby?! Isn’t it.

What would be rugby without injuries/scratches/wounds? There were a few accidents, luckily our team was spared from the “bad ones”. A boy from one of the opposite team actually broke his collarbone on the pitch. Another one had to leave because of suspected concussion.

Well, it's not said for nothing that it's a risky sport.

In summary about the game: Simply an incredible experience and I'm really grateful that I got warmly welcomed in the team.

In the game itself: I did some nice kicks and scrums and I am still getting better in tackles. I am looking forward to do rugby 15’s in Spring.

Photo and blog post submitted by Rosanna B., a grade 10 student at Selkirk Secondary School in Kimberley, BC. 

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