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My Great Canadian Experience: September Relationships

Patricio at the lake

by Patricio from Mexico

Canada has been a great experience, it wasn’t that difficult for me to make friends and have a good relationship with my host family. We have already gone to some lakes, forest, church and other group activities. 

Relationships with my friends has been really easy for me, because here in Cranbrook everyone is very friendly, not like in Mexico that everyone is waiting for the other person to talk to them first, they think they are showing weakness if they are the first ones to talk. But here no one feels that shame of talking first, since I’m here a lot of people already ask me for my name or country etc.

I’ve already been to some friends houses, even to the mall with some of them and spend all the afternoon walking, shopping and knowing the city.

My international friends have been amazing and really helpful for me, without them I would feel like the only weird international guy, and it is really helpful to be able to guide each other during the first days.

And because it is a small city, and just everyone lives within a 5 km radius, it is very easy to meet up with my friends, and even easier, I can walk wherever they are without feeling insecure.

To sum up everything that has been stated so far, my relationships in Canada have been great and fast, but I still have 9 more months to make new friendships and improve the current ones.

Photo and blog post submitted by Patricio, a grade 9 student at Laurie Middle School in Cranbrook, BC. 

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