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My Great Canadian Experience: Snowboarding

by Pato from Mexico 

Snowboarding has been really amazing. From strapping on my first snowboard to confidently nailing jumps, each moment on the slopes has been a lesson, and pure enjoyment. What I like the most is going with friends because I learn more, and I have more fun.

From chairlift chats to group downhills, it has been super fun. On my first few times snowboarding, I stumbled quite a bit, but after some practice, I started nailing some jumps! The rush of air, the crisp snow beneath my board, and the emotion of catching air- it's an exhilarating experience!

I try to go every time I can, but sometimes I have other activities like: basketball tournaments, going to watch a hockey game with friends, hanging out with friends, going swimming, going to the cinema, shopping, or other fun activities with my friends and host family.

I hope that at the end of the ski season I will be a great  snowboarder, and be able to nail jumps easier and smoother (and without falling). Every day I go to the hill, I learn something new, and I get better, and I will continue.

Maybe one day I will try skiing, but right now I am perfectly fine in snowboarding. I have just been on the hill a few times and I even already bought a snowboard and boots, because I am sure that snowboarding is the correct sport for me, as well as some friends that I can go with almost every weekend. 

Photo and blog post submitted by Pato, a grade 9 student at Laurie Middle School in Cranbrook.  

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