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My Great Canadian Experience: Weekend trip to Blue Lake Camp

The students enjoying s'mores by the campfire

by Eric from Spain

This October, as a part of the RMISP program, the international students spent a weekend at Blue Lake Camp, which offered a much needed break from our usual everyday life. It was a memorable experience spending a weekend at this enchanting location, where we were surrounded by beautiful nature and amazing people to get to know.

The journey to Blue Lake Camp was an adventure in itself. Winding through forested roads while playing corny 2010’s pop music, I could feel the anticipation building as we approached our destination. As we arrived, the camp's rustic charm immediately struck me: wooden cabins, a crystal-clear lake, and towering pines created a picturesque scene.

Our days at the camp were a harmonious blend of tranquility and excitement. Orienteering through the forested trails allowed us to reconnect with nature and discover its hidden treasures; the gorgeous lake offered an opportunity for swimming and kayaking; and the high ropes were the perfect amount of adrenaline we needed.

The evening was the best part of the day. Gathered around the campfire, we shared stories, laughter, and dreams with newfound friends. The crackling fire and the starry night sky made for a magical atmosphere. Nights in the cozy cabins were a retreat from the stresses of school life. The sounds of nature outside our windows provided the most peaceful lullaby. The only downside was the cold, but we were able to fight it with the cabin’s fireplace.

This weekend at Blue Lake Camp was more than just an escape; it was an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and forge connections that will last a lifetime. I can’t help but be thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of such a rewarding experience.


Photo and blog post submitted by Eric from Spain, a grade 11 student at Mount Baker Secondary School in Cranbrook. 

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