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Skiing in Canada by Kathrin K.

View from the treed runs at Fernie Alpine Resort

I think skiing in Canada is quite different from what it is like in Europe. One very big difference I noticed, is how organized the lineups in front of the chair lifts are. No one is trying to get ahead of another person, everyone is laid back and patiently waiting until it is their turn. That is something I really enjoy, because in busy times, the lineups in Europe are crazy, and it is basically a fight who can get in the chairlift the fastest. I used to be a ski racer in Germany, and as we all know, ski racers are neither the nicest nor the most polite people on the ski hill, especially not in lift queues, but even they are nicer over here. 

Another positive difference is the powder or snow conditions in general. During snowfall, temperatures are colder, so the powder is so much lighter and it’s just so awesome to ski in. It’s probably one of my favourite things here in Canada. On the other hand, when the snow is packed on the slopes, people over here have a tendency to call it “icy" even if it is far from being icy, it is just hard snow.

What I found really interesting is, that tree runs have names, and are actually considered real runs. I feel like a run has to be groomed to be called a run in Europe. I think people just like groomers more in general there.

Something I get laughed at for telling that we have heated chairlifts with bubbles back home. Now that I have skied in much colder temperatures without it, I feel like it is really unnecessary, but I will appreciate it more when I am skiing in Europe again. When it is really snowing or even raining, or it is really cold, these things are definitely nice to have, however, not so much when skiing in spring temperatures and the lifties forget to turn the heat off.

Overall I think I like skiing in Canada more, because the powder is just so amazing and the lineups are so nice and chilly. I really appreciate not having angry people screaming at me, even though the empty spots in front of other people in the queue are quite tempting sometimes.

Photo and blog post submitted by Kathrin K., a German student currently in Fernie, BC. 


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