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The first time I tried ice skating by Clara V.

I perfectly remember the first time I went ice skating in Canada. In my case, I am very lucky because I live in a small mountain village, and we have a large ice skating rink. Here, almost everyone knows how to skate, and they do it as an activity to share with friends. I find it very funny and original.

I really enjoy going skating, and I try to go every week. The sports that I am practicing the most during my stay in Canada are skiing and ice skating. And I am very happy and grateful to be able to be practicing these beautiful winter sports. Ice skating is a very beautiful and elegant sport. In Canada it is very famous, and I would say that almost everyone goes skating. Whenever I go skating, I see a lot of different people. Groups of friends who have come together to skate, professional people practicing, families... It is very funny to see how there are parents who teach their children to skate, and perhaps the children are one year old! It's incredible.

I also think that ice skating has become very famous especially for ice hockey. Ice hockey is the most famous sport in Canada, and in fact I asked if I could be on a team (because I really wanted to try and learn ice hockey). But later I saw that ice skating is not easy, and in hockey, as we already know, you have to have a very good technique to be able to move fast and lightly! So for now I am happy to learn how to ice skate. And in fact I think I am improving my technique more every week. I am very happy to be able to go skating, since it is a very pleasant activity, and if you go with friends you can have a great time! 

Photo and blog post submitted by Clara from Spain, a grade 10 student at Golden Secondary School. 

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