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The first time I tried out snowmobiling by Annalotta H.

That's me in the foreground and my host father and brother in the background.

In the garden of my host family I always saw the three snowmobiles and wondered what it was like to drive them. Yesterday, I finally had the opportunity to find out.

We had to get up at 6 o’clock to arrive in time at the 3 hours distant place. It would be a day trip and I had borrowed the clothes of several family members – including a helmet with chin protection. I’d never worn anything like this before and it made me guess it could be a bit dangerous.

I drove together with my host father and we went very fast. Sometimes, the hill was really steep and it was quite scary to drive through the forest. But I loved doing it and through the deep powdery snow, it felt like riding on clouds or even flying.

After a few hours, it got very cold and my gloves began to freeze. My fingers were extremely cold and I realized that I had dressed wrong for the conditions. Therefore, we started a fire to warm up a bit. I never had made a fire in the snow, so this was a quite nice experience, too.

It was an amazing day and I’m very thankful that I was able to spend the day outside with my host family and learn snowmobiling.


Photo and blog post submitted by Annalotta H., a grade 11 student from Germany currently studying at Nechako Valley Secondary School. 

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