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The moment I felt like "part of the family" at my homestay by Clara V.

This beautiful photo shows the mountains that I see every day in the morning. Beautiful right? It is these little things every day that make me appreciate the experience.

The truth is that since I have been in Canada, I have had many emotional and logistical changes with my host family. What happened is that my family, the second month, had to go for a month, and I had to stay with a different family. And then I went back to my "original family". And many things happened. With my "foster family", I had a very good time and immediately felt part of the family (it was a very good experience). Later, when I had to go back to my "original family" again, I got a little sad because I had connected so much with the other family. But later I realized that in the end the important thing is to be well and know how to adapt. And I realized that everything depended on me. If I was negative all the time, and sad, I would feel worse. So I decided to do my part, and strive to make that place, my new home. And now I feel much better and part of the family. I try to feel "at home", and over time it shows the difference. Now, with my family we watch movies together, and we have a good time.

You have to appreciate what you have, and be very clear that only you decide how you want to live, and with what attitude you want to live it. With this, I am learning a lot from the experience and knowing how to control my feelings. Now, I am very proud of myself, because I think I was in a difficult situation, in which I had to adapt quickly and radically (and it was not easy). But now I feel good and at peace. Being well at home (when you are miles from your country) is very important. And learn to feel comfortable with what you have. Therefore, once again, I am learning to appreciate what I have and to live the best I can. Because in the end, the important thing is to spend a good stay in Canada and enjoy the little things of each day.

Photo and blog post submitted by Clara V, a Spanish student at Golden Secondary School. 


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