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What I learned at school today by Clara V.

My metalwork project

The truth is that since I am in Canada I have realized that every day I learn different things. Perhaps, it is because this semester in school I am doing many subjects that are not academic (such as wood and metal work, or physical education), and we don’t have some of them in my country, so it is very interesting what every day I learn. In the subjects where I have to demonstrate my artistic gifts, I am learning many different techniques and very interesting things. In metalwork, I have already made some jewelry, and things I never thought I could do. And in woodwork I have been able to make my dog's face on a wooden board, wooden rings, and now I am building a very complex model of a box. I love doing new and different things every week, and I'm learning a lot. Above all, I can do things that I never thought I could do! Also, I am learning to play new sports! I’ve learned baseball, curling, and some other sports (I don’t remember the name!).  Here, there are many sports that are not practiced in my country, and it is interesting to see how sports change in different countries. In science we have learned a lot of material in a short time. I really like learning new things every day, and if what we study interests me. Apart from my studies, every day I learn a lot of new things about Canadian culture. I consider myself a very observant person, and I think it is very interesting to notice every day the things that Canadian people do and say. In general I can say that I learn a lot of different and interesting things every day. And not only at school, but also at home, on the street, and when I'm alone. For that I am very grateful, because I think that being able to learn new things every day is fortunate.  

Blog post and photo submitted by Clara from Spain, who is enjoying grade 10 at Golden Secondary School. 

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