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Why I chose to study in Canada by Clara V.

This photo (at the Thompson River with my host sister) was from the first days I was here!
This photo (at the Thompson River with my host sister) was from the first days I was here!

Why did I decide to study in Canada? The truth is that I wanted a future year of exchange in a place surrounded by nature. And what better place than the Rocky Mountains? Here we can ski, see incredible views every day, and learn an excellent level of English!

I am meeting new people and from other parts of the world. Canada is a very open-minded place and everyone treats you well. Every time I leave a store they say to me "have a good day!", with great emphasis. It is very comfortable to be in such a place.

Every time I enjoy nature and the incredible views that we have. I am in a small town, and I am also loving the experience. Because I lived in a city, and it’s a big change! There are less people, less shops, less noise, and when it snows it is very beautiful! I am looking forward to spending a Canadian Christmas with the snow, the lights, the ski, and my cup of hot chocolate. The activities you can do outdoors are also amazing! You can hike, visit places, ski, go to lakes…

Now I see how lucky I am to be able to spend a year in a place as beautiful and different as this one. I am learning many things. Not only English, also a different culture. Not all over the world things work the same. I am also glad that I am meeting Canadian people and being able to live in a Canadian family (I think that this way I can live the experience as if I were Canadian). I am also learning many things about myself. How to organize myself, be more independent, manage things, and spend time with myself that I really appreciate. I think that such an experience could change your life. You don't come back the same. You come back more mature, more sure of yourself, and you have grown as a person. After such an experience I will be able to manage my own problems and move forward. Because in this year, I am learning a lot about myself, and discovering new things.

Photo and blog post submitted by Clara from Spain who is in Grade 10 at Golden Secondary School. 

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