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My Great Canadian Experience: Road Trip

Mateo with his brother on their road trip.

My trip to Kelowna and Banff by Mateo from Mexico

Mateo is a grade 9 student at Laurie Middle School.  His brother is an international student n Kelowna. 

The first day of my trip I was so excited to see my family again. The first day I saw them my brother invited his friends from Kelowna to have dinner with my family, it was really fun to meet them!!

The next day at Kelowna I went skiing with my family. Skiing at Big White with my family was a unique experience. Big White is huge so my brother gave me and my parents a tour of the mountain and then we left.

Then we went to Banff, but before that we stopped at Lake Louise, it was incredible going there again and walking on the lake. When I was there I remembered when I went with the program and it was amazing watching the differences.

Banff surprised me cause it snowed the three days I was there, it was crazy how it didn’t stop snowing. At Banff I went skiing at Sunshine Village, it is an incredible ski hill and it is huge. My favourite part of the trip was that the last hour of skiing the whole ski hill was empty and you couldn’t watch anything just some trees and the rest was completely white because of snow and fog.


Photo and blog post submitted by Mateo from Mexico. Mateo is a grade 9 student at Laurie Middle School. 

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